Strongly focussed on four topics

Our selection criteria

Morgan Pierson invests in small and medium sized companies located in the Netherlands with an investment ticket size between € 125.000 and € 5 million. Our portfolio companies do all have a focus in one of the following areas:

1. New Technology
2. IT Services 
3. Hospitality
4. Sustainability

We invest in companies with ambition and a clear growth strategy.

In addition to equity, we contribute in knowledge and experience. We challenge you in your ambition and help you realize your dreams. We look at the unique character of the company and help you to enter new markets. If necessary, we facilitate the buy and build strategy to accelerate growth and strengthen the position.


Value proposition

What makes you unique in the market? How is the product's service designed differently from the competition? Why does the customer choose you?

Clear growth strategy

Ambition and growth are two sides of the same coin. We facilitate acceleration in growth and strengthen the competitive position.

Enterpreneurial spirit

We contribute equity capital to accelerate organic growth and support the buy and build strategy.


We invest in frontrunners who apply technology that is  disruptive to existing markets and challenge the established businesses.

Innovation and sustainability

A focus on sustainability often leads to innovation. We look at the success factors of sustainability, including quickly reaching the target group and smart communication.

Located in the Netherlands

We focus on start-ups and SME's based in the Netherlands.

Frontrunners in new technology where sustainability is of paramount importance.

At Morgan Pierson, we bring our years of experience to the table to actively help our portfolio companies take the next step.

We look at the competetive edge

Phase 1.

We test whether the business model is suitable for our investment criteria. We carry out a short due diligence and see what is required in terms of investment.

Phase 2.

We contribute our many years of experience to actively help our portfolio companies take the next step.

Phase 3.

We investigate the most suitable exit strategy and carefully prepare the momentum in consultation.